Mitsubishi Xpander Success Reaches Security Rating 4 Stars

Mitsubishi has just released the latest variant of the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MVP) class. His name is Mitsubishi Xpander, with a reservation number very similar to that of Indonesia, and he became one of the Mitsubishi carriers in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, the Japanese manufacturer is not kidding in ensuring the quality of MPV from the beginning of its development implemented in Indonesia.

Based on the test results of the evaluation program for the new ASEAN cars (NCAP), Mitsubishi Xpander has managed to reach a 4-star safety level.

LMPV pride Mitsubishi gets a four-star rating in terms of security testing. That is, the mass of Xpander in a car that has a good level of security.

In penilainnya, for protection against adults or Protection of adult occupants (AOP), Xpander mendapaktkan scored 39.08 points.

While the protection against the passengers of the children or the Protection of the occupants of the children (COP) gets a score of 18.69 points.

Mitsubishi Xpander has achieved results thanks to its highly resistant high-strength steel frame and passive safety technology called Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE).

RISE is a robust chassis technology designed specifically to absorb collision energy in the event of a collision. Includes fights to protect passengers.

In addition, the Airbag system is available for front drivers and passengers as well as for three-point seat belts for all seats.

There is braking assistance, the anti-lock braking system (ABS), active stability control (ASC) and even the starting assistance (HSA) do not let me go uphill and the stop signal system emergency (ESS).

Thus, in the event of a side collision, the impact energy received from the Side Impact Beam is distributed to the RISE structure such as the pillar and others.

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